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"Looking beyond Westeros´borders"

                                                             By Beren Neal

- How did this exhibition come about? What was the inspiration for you to get involved?

In 2015 we were working on the 5th season of the Game of Thrones. At that time the book „the World of Ice and Fire“ was released, which tells the entire pre-story of the world of Game of Thrones. 
At this point the idea to realize an exhibition about this book. After two weeks we had already 15 more artists on board. Now we are 40 artists from all over the world: Vancouver, Wellington, LA, Shanghai, Singapur. I never experienced a film project with so many concert artists working on it at the same time. 

- You've been working on GoT since season 2 – aren't you bored of it yet?! :)

No - not at all. The reason lies in the variety of Locations and the huge world that has been created in the series. Usually a series focusses on one main story line. This often has the result that the locations are limited. True Detective e.g. is in Louisiana, House of Cards in Washington…The theme, on which you work as an artist mostly, are very similar, because they are located in the same environment. In the Game of Thrones this is completely different: the various places range from the burning Dorne, over the dark Harrrenhalt to the snowy Wall. This diversion is fascinating for us artists. 

- What's different about this exhibition, to others that you've been involved in before?

With Unseen Westeros we succeeded to bring 40 international concept artists together for the first time , creating a big exhibition together. This is not easy. Many participating artists are completely booked over the whole year for feature films and series. Time is limited. To actually convince them to participate meant cancelling paid jobs for them. However, the amount of artists that we could convince show how amazed they are by the book „The World of Ice and Fire“ and the whole world of Westeros. Normally 5-6 concept artist work on a season for Game of Thrones - imagine what a huge potential it is when all 40 artists come together. 

When does it run to, and where? 

The exhibition is going to happen at the end of January 2019  (24th - 27th) in the old industrial factory in Berlin. 6000m2 of space and a huge system of catacombs, where one is likely to get lost. This ideal for the exhibition and our planning process. The old building is about 200 years old. The exhibition is the first event that actually happens there, since 30 years. 


Are there any plans to take it on the road afterwards, or gat everything online?

We plan to travel with the exhibition. The whole technic is planned so that we can take all the paintings, put them in a container and go whereever we can. We are already in discussions with other possible locations:). 

The exhibition won’t be online. In a smaller scale the paintings and the whole exhibition experience would be very different and not as impressive as we planned it. The paintings were painted in high resolution of 6000x px wide so that we can have them produced in their final size of 180x100cm. 
The idea behind this is, that the observers´ viewing range, when he is standing in front of a painting, limited to the edges of the painting - similar to the cinema experience. This was really important for us. The effect as well as all the little details in the painting would get lost online. 


- What would a fan of the books or the TV series learn from this exhibition?

The exhibition shows locations that have been mentioned in the series, but have not been seen yet. If for example Tyrion talk about the fall of ancient Valeria, fascinating images appear in our head, but nobody really know how it looked like. Exactly these stories are now visualized by the artists. All artist chose a motive which they longed to work on in the series, but never could. 

What's next for you and your involvement in Westeros?

As mentionned aboce, we want to travel with the exhibition. All artists and our planning team worked 3 years without payment for it and we want to make these paintings seeable for as many people as possible. That is our aim:). 

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